A Little Too Real

(Warning: there’s lots o’ cursing and triggers ahead. Oh, and it’s long.)

I’m gonna get this off my chest, so don’t mind me.

I worked for a human monster—and no, I don’t use that phrase lightly.

There were rumors around the (very small) office when I started: some guy our boss had living in his backyard apartment killed himself under questionable conditions. Rumors about one guy in the office preying on children (which turned out to be true—guy did a stint for sexually molesting two very young boys, crossing state lines, the whole gamut.) Rumors our boss was having questionable relations with boys who he’d send money and credit cards to—hush money. Porn stashes on work computers. It never ended, there were stories every day. Here’s another:

Boss started asking me to come upstairs with him to do research for work. Upstairs, he’d hit on me hardcore. He’d ask me if I wanted to take nude photos in front of him. He called me sexy. He said he had special feelings for me. When my coworker and I got chummy (as coworkers ought to), Boss threatened to move my desk upstairs—no doubt a way to have me singled out, alone, and available for his thirst anytime he wanted. There could be no positive relationships in his office unless he was a part, and the ONLY part.

I’ve faced-off against shitheels before. Once I FLIPPED and almost fought a dude who made a rape joke about a friend…even though I was alone in the fight—everybody else fell silent immediately. It seemed so cut and dry to me, but others just wanted to “keep the peace” by letting him get away with demanding his friend “take (my friend) upstairs and fuck her!” LOL so funny and peaceful. I once tried helping a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace. Asked if I could speak for the person to management, looking to get this POS fired. She was fired instead and he was promoted. It was a bad decision on my end to go to management, now I know better. In those two instances, I was most certainly not the victim, but I saw a little of what they experience. I know the bullshit, I know what happens. I know huge majorities are quick to deny, blame the victim, or remain silent. Being a victim quickly puts you in the “tough shit” category for most people. People don’t care/want to care, and they’ll do anything to demolish a victim’s story to make sure their own ivory tower remains intact. Fuck ’em.

When Boss made me do more research upstairs, I obliged. This time, before making the climb, I hit “record” on my phone and let this asshole do what he does best—use power, money, and manipulation to coerce men into sexual acts. I recorded him telling me he had “special feelings for me.” He a life-long writer, when I asked “How so?” he responded with “I’m not quite sure…” He knew what he meant, he doesn’t mince words. He said he “wanted to do special things for me.” He then tried to kiss me, to which I repeated “No” and moved away, even as his filthy-fucking-hand reached the back of my head. I pulled away, went downstairs, and left early.

We had a meeting—I demanded it. I wasn’t gonna quit. I wasn’t losing my job cause this guy couldn’t lose his 9-5 erection. Within 5 minutes he demanded he have a lawyer present. Within 10 minutes he ordered me off the premises. He denied, denied, denied; told me he was trying to be a “father figure” to me, told me it was the US culture to blame, told me I had baggage: he was a chameleon, choked against a wall, changing every single color he could to wriggle out from his own actions. I came in the next day, and the next, and the next—and it hurt him, but he tried to be a dickhead anyway. He had friends come in and give him big, audible kisses, then he’d order me to his office and try to say it was normal for men to do this—I was abnormal for not wanting any part of his sordid bankroll. I told him “Yes, it’s absolutely fine amongst friends. But I am not a friend, I am an employee.” He tried offering me gifts—a signed book by Sonia Sotomayor. When I didn’t take it, he got pissed. He asked me to make a “To-Do” list of all the work I had, called the office in. In front of me, and everybody, he gave every task away to somebody else.

I left 2 days before he received a letter from my lawyers. Since then, he’s tried worming out of everything. He’s stopped paying his legal team and offered nothing. He’s trying to squirm off the grid. It’s come down to this: take him to court or drop it. The man has 2 liens on his properties because he is a money hungry, greedy little man who takes what he can and gives nothing in return. He has been criticized by New York courts because of his tampering with a dead-man’s money, causing the liens. I can say, with near absolution, that there is at least one man in New York, one man in New Jersey (not me), one man in China, and one man resting 6 feet below the ground who hold terrible truths about this guy. The 3 living are paid off though and refer to him as “dad”: they’re under his thumb.

I don’t really know what I’m going to do about this guy, but I hope I’ve made him more scared than he’s ever been, at least I know I’ve caused him some sleepless nights. Forget his money, he doesn’t have much, but people need to know that dudes like him exist everywhere. Sometimes it never ends. Sometimes it ends with a self-inflicted bullet. This time, either way, this shit ends with me. And there ain’t a person on this whole planet who can convince me I’m wrong.


Anyway, TL;DR: Anybody hiring?


Author: antbrov

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