Quick Update

So Skinny got her groove back, and I think that’s where I’m gonna leave her story for the time being—which is far from over. Postings will probably stagger again, and I’ll be going back to the 500-1000 word shorts that I’ve been posting for the past—almost two years.

My god! Two years with this blog? It’s certainly bounced around the walls trying to find itself, and its mania ain’t over just yet. I’m still trying to come up with some all-encompassing theme for this thing, or trying to force pieces to connect (hey, whatever works), and really this serves as a cutting room. These stories aren’t perfect, they’re not even polished—they’re the result of 1 hours’ worth of writing a day. They sit here, in limbo, until I decide to rework them and submit them someplace or forget about them all together, head hung in embarrassment (looking at you, story about a sentient, lamenting house—I can’t even remember the name of that wreck.)

Thanks for reading, as always. While my stories aren’t polished, they’re all for my readers or anybody who stumbles into the blog. Getting a feel for what you guys enjoy, what knocks you back a bit—it makes this a fun ride. So Skinny gets to rest a bit, she definitely deserves it, and I’ll go back to writing about people falling in love with appliances, the nature stuff, scum, villainy, and musings on lower-income suburban purgatory. Again, thanks for reading, for your time—the few likes that I get (don’t read that with contempt) propel me to the next story. They keep my Notepad and Word busy, my old laptop wheezing along (it probably doesn’t thank you for your likes), and my mind focused on the next thing.

In short, you rock! And you! And thanks so much!



Author: antbrov

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