It Could Happen

“…and then the baby says, ‘hey, it could happen!'” There was laughter; it began soft but grew with an immensity that filled the board room and 3 floors of the Oak Brook headquarters.

“Hey! It could happehaha…” One repeated, and it began again. “My god Patty-boy, you’re a genius!” They said. There were handshakes, rubbed eyes. There were “ohhh man, I haven’t laughed like that in years!”s. Strange telephone numbers shoved into pockets by well-endowed fingers. Winks–the meeting went well.

Members left Patrick alone, patting shoulders and small-talking out of golden arch-etched glass doors. Once they shut behind the last laughing-suit, Patrick became dizzy and reached for the executive chair to catch himself from falling.

“Holy shit…” He thought. Catching his breath. “I did it…”

Patrick was beaming, things were looking really great until his psychic ability picked up a signal.

“Oh are you fucking kidding me?” He thought, as Patrick psychically witnessed his cat Barnum pissing on his bed.


Author: antbrov

Fiction | Magical Realism | Introspective Write > Edit > Hate > Learn > Write...

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