Eye of the Tiger

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I’m sick of this shhiittttt.

I’m scratching my head looking at things I pretend to know anything about, trying to fix this website. There’re 5 Google tabs devoted to searches like “embedding a photo with a url html” and “cannot force line breaks wordpress.” Two edit screens up, one preview, and the live site.

I’ve been going at it hard for a few days now and I think it looks decent–much better than before. I’m exhausted from looking at this thing. Just wanna relax.

So I do.

I texted this dude 15 minutes ago, he finally gets back saying he was around and immediately text-bombs me for a response.

:yoo i’m good
:watchu need?
:yo you still want?

Damn dude. Give me a second here.

:yeah still here

:aight come thru
:just lemme kno when your here
:yo just lemme know when your here

:on the corner

:aIGht corner right?
:coming right up

This dude is needy. When he came out, he walked up to the wrong car, leaned into the window, and quickly ran away towards my car. Spots me, then after walked back into the car he mistook for mine. Turns out it was his girl, she looked confused–wonder if she knows?

While driving home, I thought “okay man, you gotta write something tonight…and none of that philosophical or blog posty shit again. A real story!”

I was set. Tonight I was going to write fiction so good it was going to make people’s heads spin. I got home, grabbed a beer from the trunk of my car, headed inside and relaxed. When I turned on the computer, I immediately pulled notepad up. Got sidetracked looking at the site…it looks all weirdly formatted in the edit screen and doesn’t really accept changes what the fu–whatever. I was focused.

A story. Fiction. Gotta be fiction.

The first few lines of the notepad were from html earlier saved so I could just reference them whenever I messed things up irreconcilably. Hmm…could be cool to start with that…

Cracked the trunk-roasted citrus beer–took a slug.

It’s not so bad warm.

…and I started typing.


Author: antbrov

Fiction | Magical Realism | Introspective Write > Edit > Hate > Learn > Write...

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