Book Lists

It’s strange to me seeing people post books they intend to read on a social media website. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to respond to these reading list.

“Coming soon: I will read this!”

I’ve seen pristine looking books adorn many timelines: glossy, flat covers and creaseless spines. I’ve seen stacks of books so high they seem near impossible to read in the narrow time-frame given by the reader; strangling self-requirements for knowledge. I wonder to myself what they might look like a week, a month, or a year from now. Are they still glossy? Are they still perfect? At worst, still unread?

I don’t mean to sound in any way accusatory that someone is neglecting their book, but I think books are meant to be read and explored, not photographed. Books are not a weight-loss advertisement; I don’t care about your ‘before’, just show us the ‘after’! Tell us what you’ve learned after reading your selections; it’s what we’re most excited to hear! Show off your beat up, bruised, and broken books! Scribble in the margins, thoughts tangled and untangled and tangled again. Show us your book, read.

Those are the pictures I’d like to see!


Author: antbrov

Fiction | Magical Realism | Introspective Write > Edit > Hate > Learn > Write...

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