Toni Morrison Discusses ‘A Mercy’

Toni Morrison Discusses ‘A Mercy’

It’s hard to describe what this author has done for me, in terms of my own writing. A Mercy stands as one of my greatest literary influences, a book that manages to transcend everything you think it is with one sentence. Morrison is a beautiful soul who, like many other influences of mine, has questions she’d like to try and answer herself. Wonderfully crafted and expertly displayed for anybody lucky enough to pick up one of her novels, Morrison is one of my many north stars when I need direction. She is a reason why I write; what she knows is deeper than what she sees

In this link she talks exclusively about her novel A Mercy, and I hope the conversation inspires you to check out her book at your library (or buy it if you have the funds!). I hope it inspires you to write more than you thought you could, as her work has done for me. Above all, I hope you enjoy this interview!


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