Lost Scripture

And God created coin
and he saw it in His equal image.
And God did say unto man,
“Lo, take this coin and worship it,
devout your time to accumulate more of it
instead of worshipping Me.
And if another tries to strip you of your coin
pay no mind to My word, or My son’s,
and strike My child down.
For he has tried to strip you of the equal God,
the God you have worked for your entire life,
instead of Me;
the righteous God in your image.
In the image of man.”

“Lo, take this coin with man’s face, and create industry;
pave over My creation and exploit My children
to hours for coin instead of with Me.
For I have ultimate wisdom and know eternal
that My children of Earth were meant to work
for the equal God, instead of in My name.
And should they choose not to work for coin,
give My children nothing.
Blame them for their ignorance towards the equal God
and disallow them My shelter, My food, My water,
and My warmth.
For those who do not work for the equal God
deserve not your love, patience, or acceptance.
My children deserve nothing,
and must earn all through the coin, in man’s image,
to gain access into My Kingdom.

“And if one seeks word from the experienced
to achieve greater thought,
he must pay with My equal image.
And if one is sick,
let him pay for his health with coin,
in My equal image.
And if one is hungry,
let him go hungry if he has not the coin to pay
for My provisions.
For nothing on My creation is free
and dominion has been given unto man
but dominion over man has been given
unto my equal God, coin,
In My name.”


Author: antbrov

Fiction | Magical Realism | Introspective Write > Edit > Hate > Learn > Write...

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