I’ve read enough philosophy to know that wanting too little is odd and wanting too much isn’t fair. Thinking too much will draw you into circles and thinking too little will make you a square. I’ve read enough to know that boredom comes from clean hands, struggle comes from dirt under nails, and triumph comes from being able to dig out the dirt with your own teeth. Followed enough beliefs to know thinking too broadly often forgets humanity, too closely creates too many flaws. Lovers are temporary but love is forever, rage doesn’t even need water to grow, and I’m becoming impatient waiting for this whole “patience” thing to sort itself out. Good and bad are dead and we are the resurrectors of both. Put on a hat, do a dance, and watch ’em come to life. Dance with the bad and become better. Dance with the good and glow.


Author: antbrov

Fiction | Magical Realism | Introspective Write > Edit > Hate > Learn > Write...

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