Socially Media’d

Times are tough, I read it in daily status updates.
People are just fed up I suppose;
they just broke up, she’s unemployed without the mint
and every other day this kid is posting every shitty thing
happening somewhere on the planet.
I try not to go on too much anymore; I feel too guilty.
Don’t like reading others intimate events,
Don’t like feeling like an asshole for every shitty thing happening.

I don’t care about your political beliefs.
Don’t care about all the fake friends in your life.
Too many selfies, not enough selfiewareness.
Too many smiling pictures spewing venom.
Too many invites to Candy Crush Saga, rarely for poetry readings.

It turns out to be the only book read.
A long scroll of negativity, personal gains, and condescension.
Of bathroom pictures, offensive ecards, and a rapey sloth.
But I’m an asshole, too.
Here I am responding in my mind to shitty updates degrading people.
Here I am, silently judging you based on your pictures,
political beliefs, check ins, and other shit that says nothing.
Here I am, briefing through Facebook instead of reading a real one.
Maybe I should post an update about this. Let ’em know.
Maybe I’ll get 20 or so likes on it.

Na, I’ll just creep some more
then maybe check out Candy Crush Saga.

I hear it’s fun.


Author: antbrov

Fiction | Magical Realism | Introspective Write > Edit > Hate > Learn > Write...

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